A Bedtime Routine That Can Tighten Your Butt

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There are many kinds of gymnastics and exercises, with which you can lose weight or pump up muscles. We found an uncomplicated complex that can be more: it will bring your body back to normal in the morning, refresh it before the start of the working day and even improve your mood, and also harmonize the work of the internal organs and spread the spine.

Now, we gladly allow ourselves to soak up the morning in bed, gradually waking up with this gymnastics. This exercise routine will help you to tighten your butt without even crawling out of the bed.In the morning after waking up, do not jump abruptly off the bed.

Give yourself a little lie down and stretch. Remove, from under your head, a pillow and roll (preferably in the evening) a towel into a roller about 8 cm in diameter.
#1 Gluteal bridge

From this initial position, lift the hips upward until all of your body is one straight line. In this case, you need to squeeze the buttocks. At the top, squeeze the buttocks even more and lower to the starting position.

Do 3 sets of 15 times.
#2 Gluteal foot bridge

In this version of the gluteal bridge, you should rest your foot on the floor a little further from the knee. The second leg should be pulled out so that the heel does not touch the floor, you can also put the shin on the thigh of the supporting leg.

Do 3 sets of 10-15 times.
#3 Raising the leg aside

Lie on your side, take your leg as high as possible. The leg should not fall back or forward – a clear straight line. Return to the starting position. While doing the exercise, keep the buttocks in tension. The second leg is a bit stiff for the stability of the exercise.

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